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July 14, 2005

Wake Up Call In London...

Has the harsh reality set in yet?

The post 7/7 situation needs precise understanding. I'm not discussing semantics here...

This ain't terrorism as in 9/11. Foreigners coming to another land to attack it.

This is not suicide bombers - per Iraq - ie insurgents attacking an occupier.

This is not suicide bombers - per Israel - ie a dispute between natives about who owns the land

This is about a cultural, religious war.

And Britain was attacked by 4-5 amateur Timothy McVeighs... 4-5 Columbine kids...

ie British killing British. With zero compunction. What compunction is necessary? They are in the right. They are NOT killing innocents. They are killing infidels who deserve to die. Who OUGHT to die.

Kids raised in the freedom of British society with all its benefits - and yet still susceptible to the persuasive rhetoric of Islamic fundamentalists.

Just calling these people "barbaric terrorists" will not dissuade others who feel the same way as the bombers from following in their 'heroic' footsteps.

The ramifications for this - and the BNP exploitation of this - will have HUGE social consequences.

Britain is a powder keg right now.

And every Muslim kid age 14-30 is going to be eyed with suspicion. And imagine what that might do to those who are already alienated. It may tip more of them over to that side.

This is MEGA serious. Has it sunk in yet?

This is NOT a war on terrorism (sic)

This is a cultural, religious war. And Britain (and the US) have no idea how to fight it....

May 21, 2005

Spoiled For Choice...

The diversity of music channels offered on satellite radio is fascinating to me because I think is simultaneously both healthy and unhealthy.

On one level - having 65 commercial-free channels of digital-quality music of every stripe is a marvel. Some of the formats are wonderful. With 65 channels there's a freedom to have some outlets be eclectic and adventurous. They can offer obscurities and niches.

But the flip-side of that is that it allows listeners to indulge and wallow in their existing predilections and not experience - even accidentally - the rich tapestry of other musical styles. That happens already with the narrow-casting of terrestrial radio in the US. Stations for hip-hop or country or jazz. But at least the irritating 20 minutes per hour of commercials forces the listener to surf the dial - and perhaps (by chance) encounter something other than his/her chosen musical niche.

But when you're in a candy-store chock full of your favorite music style - with no commercials - what is the incentive or irritant that will foster the surfing that allows the listener to experience other genres of music?

The experience of cable and satellite TV is that the subscriber is lured into signing up by the NOTION of having 120+ TV channels. But invariably settles on watching just 6 or 7 favorite TV stations.

The two US satellite operations (Sirius and XM) make a huge sales pitch out of offering "120 radio channels - including 65 commercial-free music channels" - but is it the lure having such a vast menu to dip into that attracts subscribers? Or is it really the thought of being able to have a 24-7 diet of just chocolate cake or prime rib - that hooks people?

If the same thing happens with satellite radio channels as with cable TV - it may end up breeding a generation of genetically-altered radio listeners who just gorge on the music that initially satisfies them and never have any incentive to explore or encounter other musical styles even accidentally.

I find that I am as susceptible to this as anyone. I have an array of 65 musical choices on my satellite radio. But I tend to wallow in the musical styles I already like. I listen to rock 'n' roll and contemporary folk music with a side order of Benny Goodman. Occasionally I'll have the guilty pleasure of gorging on some cheesy 80's hits. But I never seem to get round to listening to the hip-hop or jam bands that I always feel I ought to experience. Those channels become the equivalent of that worthy documentary or heavy tome that I know will broaden my musical horizons if only I wasn't so lacking in cultural curiosity.

I must dash now. They've just announced a block of Howard Jones and Wang Chung tunes coming up on the "Big 80's" channel. I'll check out the "Albanian Nose-Flute Polka" channel later....

May 09, 2005

Close Encounters Of The Third Reich Kind...

Steven Spielberg is undertaking media interviews to promote his upcoming film of H. G. Wells' "War Of The Worlds." He recently undertook an interview with the German magazine De Spiegel - April 25, 2005 - and spoke about the history of H. G. Wells' book - and the legendary American radio broadcast version of the book produced by Orson Welles.

"Wells' novel has been made into a film several times, notably always in times of international crisis: World War II had just begun when Orson Welles terrified millions of Americans with his legendary radio play version, the headlines were dominated by reports on Hitler's invasion of Poland and Hungary."


1) The famous radio broadcast took place just once - on Sunday October 30th 1938.

2) World War II didn't begin until ten months AFTER the radio broadcast - on Sunday September 3rd 1939.

3) Hitler invaded Poland on Friday September 1st 1939.

4) Hitler didn't invade Hungary till nearly six years after the radio broadcast - on March 7th 1944


I admire Steven Spielberg enormously. But if you're going to be addressing the world's media to promote your film - shouldn't you do a little research first? And if you're going to get facts wrong about the Second World War - do you really want to get them wrong with a German publication?


A Close Encounter with the facts - but no cigar...

January 05, 2005

Hey Jude - Don't Make It Bad...


British actor Jude Law has become engaged to actress Sienna Miller after proposing to her on Christmas Day,

"It's true they are engaged," a spokeswoman for the couple told The Sun. "Jude has bought Sienna a big cluster diamond ring.

Law, has three young children by his ex-wife, British fashion designer and actress Sadie Frost,

"He asked Sienna to marry him on Christmas Day. They spent Christmas together in England. They then headed to the Indian Ocean."

Martin's Comment:

Out of the frying pan - into the tsunami...

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