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May 10, 2004

Catch Twenty THREE...

We would LOVE to show you these photos and videos that illustrate how our military probably breached the Geneva Convention. Unfortunately to do so would breach the Geneva Convention...

April 28, 2004

Layla and Assorted Euphemisms...

It's time to put an end to this transparent euphemism of "coalition forces" in Iraq

It's AMERICAN forces with "backline" support from a few Brits

And the equivalent of a few roadies, guitar techs and go-fers from Poland, Somalia and Swaziland.

Calling the American forces "coalition forces" is like when Eric Clapton tried to hide behind the name "Derek & The Dominoes"... The name on the marquee and the album jacket may have READ "Derek & The Dominoes" - but no one was buying tickets or product to hear Carl Radle on bass or Jim Gordon on drums. It was Eric Clapton in everything but name.

So the military forces in Iraq are not "coalition" - they are AMERICAN

And why is the American government hiding its light under a Bush-el?

Perhaps - in the words of Derek & The Dominoes - it's just their "foolish pride"...

January 08, 2004

Black-Bush Down...

We all know how many tragic military helicopter crashes it took to end Jimmy Carter's presidency. (Make that just one. In Iran.) So how many tragic military helicopter crashes will it take to end George W. Bush's presidency? Or is the media perhaps not judging Bush by the same standards they applied to Carter...

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