UN-Happy Holidays
by Martin Lewis
Written January 02, 2005

So let's get this straight.

Over 3,000 people died on 9/11 - and within hours of the tragedy practically every major world leader appeared in front of cameras and microphones in their own countries to denounce the terrorist attacks on America and to express deep sympathy and support for the American people on their losses.

On Sunday December 26th 2004 - the tragedy of the Indian Ocean tsunami struck - and it was IMMEDIATELY apparent to even the densest person that many thousands of people had died. Now the number of fatalities is likely to exceed 200,000. With millions more made homeless and destitute.

And the pathetic, dry-drunk, smirk-ridden human specimen who has gained (and 'gamed') the US presidency twice - by use of his father's name, his father's cronies' corporate money and by exploiting the xenophobia and homophobia of America's ignorant - ignored the entire tragedy for three entire days. He was busy "clearing brush and bicycling" on his ranch. Such a 'regular guy'...

His minions offered a paltry $15 million aid - a pathetic amount that they were rapidly shamed into doubling. Along with a claim that the $15 million was only intended as an initial contribution.

Karl Rove finally dragged himself away from his Christmas gorging long enough to belatedly grasp what a public relations disaster Bush's indifference has been. $15 million became $35 million became $350 million within days. But the damage was done - and the missed opportunity was patently clear to everyone.

This callow, shallow wastrel - who shamelessly proclaims himself to be a Christian (when the private polls tell him it will help get him elected) and even more shamelessly proclaims himself to be "compassionate" - took 72 hours before he could be bothered to appear in front of anyone - to offer half-hearted sympathy for the plight of untold numbers of people.

Offering an explanation for the President's refusal to spend even 10 seconds of his precious vacation on a public declaration until three full days after the tragedy - a White House representative said:

"The president wanted to be fully briefed on our efforts. He didn't want to make a symbolic statement about 'We feel your pain.'"

What a brutal sociopathic remark to make. And how unwittingly revealing of the pathological disorder of Bush. He is so keen to be unlike Bill Clinton that he chose to NOT show empathy to millions of people worldwide (even faux empathy).

Incidentally - he should not worry about being perceived in any way to be like Bill Clinton. Having traduced Bill Clinton's record surplus into a record defecit - he has already distinguished himself from that superlative President.

Of course he was not quite so slow to appear in front of TV cameras on multiple occasions and instantly pledge $3 BILLION in relief for the victims of the recent Florida hurricanes.

No White House spokesman made snide comments then about the President making symbolic statements about ''We feel your pain."

Oh I'm sorry... There were 25 electoral college votes at stake there. Such a shame for the victims that the tsunami struck in a region where are there aren't any votes for the President...

In this cavalier contempt for the suffering of millions - and his total lack of cognition of WHY this would be offensive - his callous disregard is very reminiscent of the failure of Britain's Queen Elizabeth to even acknowledge the death of Princess Diana until five long days after her demise. It took a nation's grieving and outraged newspaper headlines to wake up the stone-hearted Teutonic Royal Family from their self-obsessed disregard for the feelings of others. Bush is similarly hard-hearted and myopic.

The President did however write personal notes to leaders of seven of the twelve nations who suffered tragic losses. (How he decided which five nations to snub was not made clear.)

We are told that he did not resort to an auto-pen like his callous Secretary Of Defense who mimeographed his regrets to 1,100 military families who lost loved ones in Iraq. (It would have been such a DRAG to take 3 seconds to personally sign his name to letters about the deaths of those he has scant regard for - and whose deaths have been made far more likely by his gross incompetence and arrogance.)

So that personal touch by Bush must be of great comfort to the hundreds of thousands of bereaved families. (Warning: That comfort does NOT apply to any of the bereaved in the five nations whose leaders he couldn't be bothered to write to. Obvously there was a lot of brush to clear in Crawford those three days. And a lot of bicycles to ride.)

Of course being oblivious to reality is nothing new for the man who at the time of his 2001 inauguration had had less than 6 years experience in public life - all of them as Governor of Texas - a primarily figurehead position widely acknowledged to be an undemanding part-time executive role. (Apart of course from the full-time task of signing execution warrants - including for prisoners who were mentally disabled.)

Lest we forget - it was while on another of his extensive vacations at this same humble li'l ranch in Crawford, Texas on August 6th 2001 that this proudly anti-intellectual slacker received a Presidential Daily Briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined To Strike In The US" and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT. And then had the temerity to sanction the besmirching of 5-times decorated war hero John Kerry for being 'soft on terrorism.'"

What a cur this piece of excrement is. How low and despicable. How exposed is his facile veneer of bogus Christianity and faux compassion.

John Lennon presciently foretold of Bush's coming in his 1971 song "Gimme Some Truth" - and made clear that he would never allow himself to be bamboozled by such a transparent pretender:

"No short-haired, yellow-bellied, son of Tricky Dicky

Is gonna Mother-Hubbard soft-soap me

With just a pocketful of soap

Money for dope

Money for rope..."

And Bob Dylan foretold of Bush's ultimate fate in his 1963 song "Masters Of War":

"Even Jesus would never forgive what you do..."

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