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Hooters and Hollywood Agents
January 27, 2001 contributor Martin Lewis attends the American TV industry's annual marketplace in Las Vegas - to investigate what hot new TV shows we'll be watching this year. He finds himself up to his neck in hot dogs, hot pizza and hot Hooter girls.

From Camelot to Crawford...
January 21, 2001
The post-inaugural parties reflected the passing of the political and social baton - as contributor and scenester Martin Lewis reveals in the last of his trilogy of Inauguration party reports.

T'was The Night Before Inaugural...
January 20, 2001 contributor and confirmed party animal Martin Lewis continues his quest for the Perfect Inaugural Ball

Confessions of a Party Animal
January 19, 2001
Inauguration Diary: contributor and Hollywood scenester Martin Lewis is in Washington to document as many inauguration celebrations as he can talk his way into. Here's his first report...

Bluffing Into The Balls
January 14, 2001
Don't have a ticket to those big inaugural balls? Don't worry. contributor and notorious Tinseltown party person Martin Lewis is here to suggest some ways to attend - sans invitation. After all he reasons - GOP stands for Gatecrash Our Party!

Taking The Country (Music) For A Ride
January 12, 2001
What will the partygoers be grooving to in D.C.? contributor (and music buff) Martin Lewis surveys the sounds of the inaugural

Dude - Where's The Party?!
January 12, 2001 contributor and Hollywood party animal Martin Lewis casts his eye eastward to survey the celebrations surrounding the inauguration

Nouveau Gauche
December 23, 2000
Left Coast contributor and self-styled zeitgeistmeister Martin Lewis predicts how the second Bush presidency will impact the nation's style

It Was 20 Million Tears Ago Today....
December 08, 2000
John Lennon's death in December 1980 left a generation weeping. Twenty years later the pain is still palpable.... contributor (and Beatles historian) Martin Lewis looks back at what John Lennon means in his life.

Many Years From Then...
December 01, 2000
As the Beatles' new greatest hits album debuts at #1 and their first film "A Hard Day's Night" is reissued in America - contributor and Fab-ulist Martin Lewis ponders the phenomenon of their evergreen popularity.

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