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DUI - Dubya Uber Ironic
November 02, 2000
Who says there's no such commodity as irony in America? The first two hours of the Dubya DUI story yielded plenty.

"World" Series? What "World"?!
October 27, 2000
Cricket fan Martin Lewis queries the global importance of a game played only in America

October 25, 2000
In promoting her nude Penthouse spread Paula Jones exposes more than herself. Including her admission that she was used by Clinton-haters

The Glitter's Gone!
October 24, 2000
Martin Lewis' early October article exposing Bush's use of Gary Glitter's music in his campaign leads to Bush dumping Glitter. What Dubya would call "a consequence" of Gary's taste for kiddie porn.

Mork Does Dubya
October 23, 2000
Robin Williams savages Bush in a surprise appearance at a pro-choice benefit in Hollywood. Benefit emcee Martin Lewis was in the wings - and goes back to his early 70's beginnings to review the magical performance

Al & Dubya Take A Shot Of Cyber Truth Serum!
October 18, 2000
The third presidential debate is monitored by Martin Lewis using a new computer Lie Detector Test. And the results are startling....

The Truth Game
October 17, 2000
"Going to the candidates' debate...." Preparing to test the third debate for lies.

"Friends, Republicans and Countrymen"
October 14, 2000
The Mark Anthony speech Al Gore SHOULD have made in the election campaign

Sighs and Snorts
October 12, 2000
A medical opinion on Bush's public snorting habit!

All That Glitters is Not Gold
October 11, 2000
Moralist George W. Bush warms up his election crowds with a Gary Glitter classic. But seems blissfully unaware of Gary Glitter's recent conviction for possession of kiddie porn.

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