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Expletive NOT Deleted
September 04, 2000
A reflection on Bush's "Asshole" comment

It's the Hair, Stupid
August 28, 2000
Looking for a fresh bead on the presidential election - Martin Lewis analyzes the candidates' hair styles.

Why a Boat Trip?
August 18, 2000
Al Gore and Joe Lieberman start their post-convention weekend with a campaign trip on a riverboat. Semi-lapsed Jew Martin Lewis reveals the significance of Rollin' On The River on the Sabbath.

A Very Creative Party
August 17, 2000
The best party during the Democratic convention was hosted by the Creative Coalition. Martin Lewis discovers that caring is back in fashion. Warning! Contains Arianna sightings!

August 16, 2000
Martin Lewis describes the newest sport - the art of gatecrashing the skyboxes at political conventions. He even 'fesses up to his own novice attempts at Sky-Boxing!

The World Is Watching...
August 15, 2000
The international media covering the elections reach American voters abroad and could have a major impact on the election.

Snooping the Convention Hall
August 14, 2000
Martin Lewis wanders round L.A.'s Staples Center looking at preparations for the Democratic convention. He finds some very worrisome architectural plans.

Party on at Playboy!
August 13, 2000
Hugh Hefner throws a bash for media covering the Democratic convention at the Playboy Mansion - now a verboten destination in the newly-puritanical Democratic Party.

"I'm Invited - Therefore I Am"
August 12, 2000
Martin Lewis explains L.A.'s version of existentialism - and how it will affect attendees at the Democratic convention.

Al Gore: Born To Run
August 10, 2000
The last night of the Democratic convention - viewed as a Springsteen concert

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