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New Photo-Caption Contest! Bush vs Bush!
October 22, 2006
George Bush the First offers an honest opinion. His respectful son immediately disses his dad. A photo of the Father & Son Disunion begs for a caption. Martin offers HuffPos readers a chance to provide one...

Bush-Hastert Photo-Caption Contest - NOW YOU VOTE FOR THE WINNER!!!
October 22, 2006
Another contest - another set of excellent finalists to vote on...

Shock GOP TV spot! Vote Republican or....
October 20, 2006
The GOP comes up with a shocking new TV commercial. Martin manages to secure a copy of the script...

Bush Claims He "Shares Values" With Rape Joker...
October 20, 2006
Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a tasteless joke about rape. What to make of this man? Who can offer us insight into this man's heart? Step forward Goege W. Bush...

That "Karl Rove Aide Busted!" Photo: The Contest Winners!
October 19, 2006
The winners of the photo-caption contest showing George Bush in a warm embrace with Karl Rove's senior aide

"The Untouchables" - Karl Rove unleashes $100 MILLION war chest
October 18, 2006
Karl Rove boasts to the Washington Times that the GOP will retain both Houses Of Congress in the mid-term elections because of a $100 million war chest. Martin is reminded of Al Capone in "The Untouchables"...

NEW CAPTION CONTEST! Bush & Hastert begging HuffPo readers to write captions!
October 16, 2006
Following the success of his first two HuffPo photo caption contests - Martin comes up with another one - using a priceless photo of George Bush and Dennis Hastert!

Busted Rove Aide Photo Contest: NOW YOU VOTE FOR THE WINNER!
October 14, 2006
Following the success of the Photo-Caption contest - Martin selects the top 20 finalists and invites the HuffPo electorate to decide the overall winner.

Bush's election appeal to the Founding Fathers!
October 11, 2006
President Bush proudly announces that the record deficit he created has now come down in size. And he takes the occasion to write to the Founding Fathers seeking a favor...

That Bush-Foley Photo: The Contest Winners!
October 10, 2006
The people have spoken! HuffPo voters select the contest winner...

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