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NEW CONTEST! Karl Rove Aide "Busted"! - CAPTIONS REQUIRED!!!
October 07, 2006
Following the success of the Bush-Santorum-Foley photo caption - Martin comes up with another contest - using the wonderful photo of Karl Rove's assistant feeling up her President....

Bush-Foley Photo-Caption Contest - NOW YOU VOTE FOR THE WINNER!!!
October 06, 2006
Following the success of the Photo-Caption contest with over 650 entries - Martin selects the top 30 finalists and invites the HuffPo electorate to decide the overall winner.

Denny Hastert - the GOP's Fred Astaire
October 05, 2006
Rotund GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert gives a press conference in which he dances as fast as he can - "accepts" full responsibility for his inactions - by blaming everyone except himself. Martin is dazzled by his footwork...

Time for GOP to "ex-Foley-ate"...
October 04, 2006
Things look grim for the GOP so Martin offers a suggestion about what the party should do to save itself. (This blog entry was featured on a segment on CNN on Thursday October 5th)

Hold The Front PAGE!!!
October 03, 2006
Mark Foley's attorney holds a press conference and gives a classic lesson in dissembling - and plants the seeds of Foley's defense strategy. Martin takes notes...

The GOP House...
October 02, 2006
As the GOP World Turns in on itself - Martin makes a simple observation...

Bush, Foley & Santorum together! Enter the Photo-Caption Contest!
October 02, 2006
The recent photo Martin uncovered of Bush and Foley was crying out for a caption. So Martin posts it on Huffington Post as a photo-caption contest - and instantly the internet is burning up with suggestions!

Bush photographed praising Foley as child-sex S.W.A.T. team leader!!!
October 01, 2006
Martin Lewis goes sleuthing to see how George W. Bush feels about Foley. What he discovers in the White House archive beggars (not to say buggers) description....

Mark Foley: "My Back Pages..."
September 29, 2006
Republican congressman Mark Foley resigns after being caught sending sexually suggestive message to young male Congressional pages. Martin looks at the "Back Pages" of Foley's website and discovers that Foley is a conservative with a special "compassion" for young children... who spent a lot of his time on the tax-payers' dime emailing and instant messaging young male pages on Capitol Hill with sexually suggestive messages - has a perfectly innocent explanation for his activities!

Desperate plea to Laura Bush (& Barney The Dog)
September 29, 2006
George Bush declared that he won't change his policy on Iraq "even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me". Martin realizes that there's nothing left for it... He decides to write to the President's wife and dog...

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