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ABC's "Path to 9/11" Writer Gets Rave Review!
September 09, 2006
Martin Lewis investigates the background of the writer of ABC's "Path To 9/11" - and discovers something that ABC probably wishes it had known before it sanctioned the writer's participation...

Disney: Then and Now...
September 08, 2006
Disney's ABC network appears determined to broadcast its politically controversial mini-series "The Path To 9/11". And how did it deal with the politically controversial film "Fahrenheit 9/11" in 2004?

ABC update! Shooting new scene for 9/11 show
September 08, 2006
Martin Lewis uncovers an internal ABC memo - with script attached!

Deliverance! Blair is "Bushed"
September 07, 2006
Tony Blair bows to the inevitable and announces a date by which he will resign as Prime Minister. Martin Lewis diagnoses the causes of this spectacular fall from grace after three election victories...

Baby We Can Drive This Karr...
August 28, 2006
John Mark Karr is apparently not to be charged in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Martin has a few things to say about the coverage by the Mass Media-ocrity...

Bruce Gary of The Knack - Musician 'n' Mensch
August 23, 2006
Bruce Gary - drummer in The Knack - has died. Martin Lewis offers a very personal tribute to his friend...

UK's Prince Harry Gives Mel Gibson "Drunkard" Lessons!
August 18, 2006
Britain's Prince Harry starts a complimentary breast examination service for young blonde girls...

England still murdering German civilians!
August 02, 2006
This column was filed on August 2nd 1944. There may have been a slight delay with the post appearing due to server problems...

Smile Mel! You're On Mugshot Camera!
August 01, 2006
Mel Gibson's candid mugshot makes him look comparatively clean -if not exactly sober. It prompts some searching questions from Martin...

Letter to "Braveheart" Mel Gibson
July 31, 2006
Mel Gibson spews an anti-semitic tirade - and then blames "the alcohol." Martin is prompted to write a "Dear Mel" letter...

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